nasan yung navigation buttons???


Di ko din alam hahaha. Aayusin ko yan pag may time na ko. Hahaha sensya naaa. :))

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mali ang spelling mo ng seoul


Ha saan? Labo mo.

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I miss my old tumblr friends srsly.

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The waves of the sea come
Along with the song
You hummed
Before we sleep.
The melody
Of your memory still lingers
On the cold, damp wind
Brushing through whe leaves
Of the tree  beside the shores.

The crashing of waves
Makes me think
That you are coming back?
Are you coming back?

R U? (d.v.a.c

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Miss na kta. Ayiiee haha


Miss na din kita anon. I have an idea kung sino ka. Wag ka magalala :)

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The hardest part in writing a poem
Just like in everything else
That results into
A beautiful end
Is how to have the spark
To start everything.

Just like singing a song,
Finding the first note.
Or in learning how to write and read and count.
Or even like thinking of you
When i miss you.

The hardest part is like
You and Me.
But in the end,
It will all become beautiful.
It has started.

The Fire (d. v. a. c.)

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You know
You are one of my
Most favorite people,
My most valuable possession.
I love you
but not like yesterday.

Maybe today,
Things will change.
I still love you
but not like yesterday.

It’s another day.
It’s a new beginning.
I still love you
And it grows more than yesterday.

A Confession (d.v.a.c.)

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“Sunlight met the windowpane
Even there is fog and a little rain
As if showing something with its
spotlight-like rays
“What was it? What was it?”,
Everything asked.
The morning was unclear
Even the sunlight meets the windowpane
When there is fog and a little rain.”


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“Minsan malungkot ka lang. Walang dahilan. Basta malungkot ka lang. At may isang tao tayong nilolook forward pawiin yun :)”

(via matabangutak)

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